Admissions Procedure

1.  Admissions begins with the completion of an application either from our online form or from a hard copy that you print off and mail into us at P.O. Box 176, Rossville, GA 30741.
2.  Once we receive your application each student is evaluated on an individual basis.  Probationary admission is usually granted until all transcripts and other documentation has been completed.  This process usually takes anywhere from two to seven business days to complete depending on the amount of applicants we are dealing with.
3.  For Off Campus students (students studying through the distance learning program), a proposal of course study is sent following the evaluation.  If the student has paid for both their tuition and their text books, all books are sent with the appropriate instructions at the same time.
4.  On Campus students will begin classes during the semester that they apply.
5.  CTS Online students will also begin classes during the semester that they apply, but they must pay a technology fee of $50 per course up to $100 per semester.  No student pays more than $100 per semester in tech fees regardless of how many classes they may take that semester online.
6.  As a distance learning student if you make a tuition payment with your application your work and the books you pay for will be sent to you immediately.  If you do not make a payment with your application then a proposal of classes for the degree you have applied for will be sent to you.
7.  Registration for extension classes occurs two to three times per year depending on where you are applying (some extensions offer Summer courses).  Registration occurs in January (Spring) and August (Fall) for extension classes (extensions offering Summer courses typically enroll students after the Spring semester for that Summer semester).
If you have any further questions concerning the admissions process then please feel free to contact our registrar at 706-866-5626 or at
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