Certificate Programs

The Covington Bible Institute will provide certificates of study for those who are interested in specialized areas of religious or biblical study at an introductory level.  A specialized curriculum will be developed by the registrar that is biblically centered and focused.  The specialized areas of study that are available at the certificate level are:  Biblical Counseling, Bible Preparation, Bible Teaching, Theology, Church Leadership, Premarital Counseling, and Apologetics.  Each certificate of study consists of 16 hours of study and is designed to provide competence for both certificate and degree programs.  The completion of each certificate will provide 16 hours of study toward an Associate degree in Ministry / Theology.  Each certificate can be added to a diploma or a degree program as an additional certification provided the work is done for the certificate over and above the requirements for the diploma or degree program.  If a student begins a certificate program and decides to progress to a degree program, those courses may be incorporated into that plan of study.  All credits earned are transferable to a degree program (i.e. Graduate of Theology - with Certificate in Biblical Counseling; Bachelor of Ministry - with Certificate in Apologetics; or a Master of Ministry - with Certificate in Bible Preparation.



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