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From time to time you can see the hand of God at work in ways that you did not expect. I was at the airport in Manila, Philippines waiting for my connecting flight to Jakarta, Indonesia. I was reading and studying at one of the large internet desks that are provided for guests. I had my bible out reading Galatians chapter one because I was making some notes for my upcoming trip to Peru on April 16th.

A professor from Universitas Kristen Indonesia (Christian University) in Jakarta was also waiting and studying at the same location. And Professor Agatha came up to me and began to speak with me. One thing led to another and I was invited to visit the University this morning to lecture her class. What drew her attention was that I had quoted Malcom Muggeridge an English Journalist: "We have educated ourselves into imbecility."

They made the arrangements to have me picked up at my hotel this morning.

They had no clue as to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are Christians because they are not Muslims. I shared from Galatians chapter one and then the Gospel from 1 Corinthians 15. There was a total of 43 students who stated that they wanted to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We prayed and they cried.

They fulfilled their promise and got me to the airport.

I am always amazed and humbled to see Gods hand in ways that I do not expect. I am reminded of the truth in the Word of God "always be ready in season and out of season." It's not about me BUT ALL ABOUT HIM!

Dr. Eddie Ildefonso, Ph.D., Th.D.
Senior Pastor

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