Mission & Values

Vision - Mission - Values


Vision Statement:  It is the vision of Covington Theological Seminary to impact eternity and the church presently by training biblically equipped leaders in both national and international settings.


Mission Statement:  It is the mission of CTS to meet potential students where they are in their calling and ministry motivations and to design a quality and affordable program of study that addresses their individual goals and needs.


Values Statements:
  •      We are committed to the local church and its ministry settings as the prime training venue for developing church leaders.
  •       We are not called to build great edifices to evidence our effectiveness, but to build great lives that impact others by the Living Christ.
  •       We do not call our students to come away to be trained, but to remain faithful in their present assignment.
  •       We commit ourselves to design innovative and personalized development plans that equip leaders to be dynamic and effective servants of God.
  •      Our extensions, whether in the U.S. or internationally, will be founded upon a partnership with a local church or group of churches and led by those currently involved in ministry and equipping the saints.
  •      The ultimate call of any leader is to "equip the saints for the work of the ministry for the building up of the body of Christ." Only those proven committed and effective in this assignment shall be Covington professors or leaders.
  •       Training and equipping is not optional for any spiritual leader, therefore we must do all within our ability to make training both accessible and affordable to any servant of God that is willing to make the commitment.      Partnership, interdependence and networking are kingdom principles upon which we can see our Lord do His mighty work.
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