Academic Integrity

  • Plagiarism: Plagiarism shall include failure to use quotation marks or other conventional markings around material quoted from another source. Plagiarism shall also include paraphrasing a specific passage from a source without indicating accurately what that source is. Plagiarism shall further include letting another person compose or rewrite a student's written assignment.
  • Falsifying Information: Includes submitting another's work as one's own or providing false or misleading documentation.
  • Academic Dishonesty: Includes written information not specifically condoned by the instructor or syllabus. It shall further include written or oral information from a fellow student. Furthermore, it shall include stealing, buying, selling or transmitting a copy of any examination.

Any student proven to have committed any of the above will receive an "F" for the course and will receive an academic warning. If the student is proven to have been guilty a second time, he or she will be dismissed.

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