Scholarship Program

A. Eligibility

> Applicant MUST desire a ministry.

> Applicant MUST be enrolled or intend to enroll in an accredited program as recommended by the CTS Scholarship Committee and approved by the CTS Board of Trustees.

B. Requirements

1. Applicant is responsible for ensuring that all of the following items are submitted as one package.

a. Completed, signed application for admission to CTS.

b. Completed, signed application for CTS's Scholarship Program.

c. One evaluation form completed by a ministry supervisor if currently in ministry. (Evaluation forms MUST be in sealed envelopes with the evaluator's signature across the seal.)

d. Recommendation Letter

e. Educational History

f. Official transcript of grades (if applicable.)

2. Incomplete application packages will NOT be considered.

C. Scholarships available

> Full Tuition - No books

> Partial Tuition - No books (Prisoners)

> Books & Fees - Student pays Tuition

> Internationally Distressed

> Work

D. Awards

1. Scholarships will be for a maximum of $1700.00 per student per year and may be renewable for up to four years of study in ministry related programs offered by CTS. Maximum award per applicant: $_____________.

2. Applications will be reviewed and pre-selected by the Scholarship Committee of CTS. The CTS Board of Trustees shall approve the awarding of the scholarship.

3. All applicants selected will be subject to a personal interview with a representative of one or more committee members, if availability is practical.

4. The CTS Scholarship Committee will announce the awarding of the scholarship.

E. Miscellaneous

1. Send the complete application package to:

Covington Theological Seminary

ATTN: Bret Sullivan

P. O. Box 176

Rossville GA 30741

2. For more information and copies of the application write to the above address, or visit

NOTE: Applicants have the ultimate responsibility of ensuring that this application, all forms, and transcripts are received by CTS.

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