In Loving Memory of our Chancellor

Raymond H. Brown, Th.D.
 Ray Brown was not the founding president of Covington Seminary, but rather was the president who gave Covington its foundation.  For twenty-two years "Doc" and Reba Brown labored in loving God's work through Covington and in growing students in a biblical and strong foundation in God's Word.  He pioneered a distance learning program which enabled students from around the world to study and gain a Bible education through Covington.  He also pioneered the concept of extensions through local churches using pastors and church leaders involved in on-going ministry to train and develop leaders in biblical ministry.

Dr. Brown was an energetic and vocal promoter of training sound leadership for the church of the Lord Jesus.  He left a legacy for those who follow in his leadership footsteps to promote and recognize those who are committed and dynamic in Christian Leadership.  His loving prayers and support will be missed. 

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